Out of every 10 phone calls you receive, how many phone calls do you actually convert into a sale? Of those sales, what percentage of service calls end up cancelled for one reason or another or serviced by a competitor before your truck arrives? Whiterail Media understands that making your phone ring is just a part of the battle. Converting those calls into sales and maintaining your margins are often a tow boss’ greatest challenge. What do you do when your customer demands the fastest ETA or the cheapest bargain rate in town. Do callers often tell you “I’ll call you back?” and then hang up.

Stop subjecting your company to the “I’ll call you back” syndrome. While no one tow company will ever close 100% of incoming cash calls, you can take control and put the odds in your favor. Whiterail Media will teach you how.

This free report will teach you 3 indispensable techniques that can help you to close more sales and increase your revenue by up to 25% or more. Fill out the form now.