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Based on a conversation this week I think I understand a little better what Steve Jobs must have felt like when he introduced the Mac. Bringing new ideas into a market requires a bit of confidence and the ability to anticipate what people are thinking. This week, I experienced this feeling in a small way….


Cash Towing PPC Comparison

I want to congratulate our media and web team as they really stepped up to a recent challenge. Let me explain. As a towing advertising agency, every so of often a client reviews the services we’ve been providing. We recently, found out that a client had hired a different agency while maintaining their very, successful,…


Mobile Apps for Tow Companies?

We recently had a client of ours contact us to ask our opinion about a phone call they had received from a mobile app company. It seems that some salesman had just called to pitch the idea of creating their own custom mobile towing app. The sales rep insisted that mobile was the place to…


Quality Cash Calls

QUALITY CASH CUSTOMER PHONE CALLS Spend your money wisely with Whiterail Media Getting you clicks is only part of the picture. Yes we work hard to get you clicks and phone calls, however we work even harder to make sure that you don’t pay for phone calls from people who won’t make you money. Most…


We specialize in the Towing Industry. What does that mean to you?

Whiterail Media specializes in the towing industry and that makes us accountable to you. First of all, if you are in another industry then you are out of luck because we won’t work with you. Period! By focusing we have been able to figure out systems to to make you more money. Lots more money!…