Mobile Apps for Tow Companies?



We recently had a client of ours contact us to ask our opinion about a phone call they had received from a mobile app company. It seems that some salesman had just called to pitch the idea of creating their own custom mobile towing app. The sales rep insisted that mobile was the place to be and that a mobile app would most certainly increase incoming calls.

There is a lot of marketing fluff out there, and this is a perfect example mobile towing nonsense. Mobile apps are a great advantage for service businesses that depend on return customers; for example, pizza delivery. Pizza delivery is something that customers probably order fairly regularly and so a mobile pizza delivery app makes lots of sense! In contrast, most people typically only call a towing company once every few years or so. Without the need to reuse your services consistently, there is no reason for your customer to install an app into their telephone in the first place. So instead of building a “mobile towing app” you and your company will be much better served if you put your time and energy into harvesting low hanging mobile fruit like: building a mobile website to make sure people can contact you easily from their Smartphone. This alone will probably put you heads and shoulders above most of your competition.

On a side note, we do want to say that when it comes to mobile smartphone apps for towing companies, mobile apps for PPI business account systematization may be well worth investigating.

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